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Virginia Woolf wrote in her famous essay A room of her own that a woman, to write, needs money and a room of her own. This advice goes beyond writing and is transported to the need for freedom and independence in women, referring to their own space and income as means to achieve it.

As we all know, we have to start by ourselves modifying our habits to achieve that much desired freedom and achieve the goals we seek, which sometimes seem impossible. Having good financial habits is key to achieving our goals, allowing us to access better opportunities when investing our money or starting a business of our own. Dinerio recommends cultivating some habits and eliminating others. Here we list some for you to start:

1. Be economically independent

The freedom to have your own money is what encourages the freedom to move and act in your life. Evading responsibility for our finances means delivering that freedom. Do not depend on someone else like your husband, your boyfriend or your parents. Start to assume that responsibility and you will see the benefits that it brings. You can find more tips on how to achieve it here: How to fly from the nest and not break in the attempt

2. Create a budget

2. Create a budget

Knowing what we are going to allocate our money each month is of the utmost importance so as not to waste it and generate savings opportunities. It is proven that you can reduce your expenses, on average, by 20% just by making a budget. If this seems tedious because at the end of the month you forget where you wrote down your expenses, you confuse the accounts or you do not know how to use Excel, use the Dinerio personal finance platform that does all that work for you and is totally free. Register here

3. Save for old age and for incidentals

3. Save for old age and for incidentals

All Mexicans who were listed in social insurance before 1997 are entitled to a life annuity, but obviously not many of us. With the reform of the Social Security Law of 1997, the Afores were created and the new generations have to save on our own for our retirement. That is why it is essential that each month you save a certain amount of your salary, the ideal is that it is around 10%. You will not want to see yourself in trouble in a few years! In the same way, saving for unforeseen events is essential: it is recommended that you have an emergency fund equivalent to 3 or 6 months of your expenses. It is not by expecting the worst, but it is better to be cautious.

4. Form a credit history

4. Form a credit history

Having financial background that demonstrate your ability to pay and that you are a good debtor, that is, punctual in your payments, opens the doors to various credits that can be from a personal loan to one for your business. If you still do not know what the credit history is, you may be interested in everything about the credit history you have always wanted to know

5. Do not be a compulsive buyer

Many of us spend our money on things we do not need just to satisfy a passing taste that provides us with ephemeral well-being. Instead of doing that, try cultural, sports or artistic activities that encourage your growth as a person. Remember that before spending think if you really need what you are going to buy, maybe that money can be used for a trip or your savings fund for old age and emergencies.

6. Start investing your money

You must know that immobile money is money that does not generate profits. Take the risk of investing your money without letting the fear of losing it, failure or making a bad decision win you. Analyze well the opportunities and weaknesses of each investment option. As a tip you can start by investing small sums of money in safe instruments, even if they do not have such high returns, and diversifying your investments.

Remember that it is essential to maintain healthy finances because that depends on our quality of life. How we use our income is more important than how much money we make. Keep in mind that having economic independence helps obtain your personal independence.

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