The interest in loans is very high. They offer the opportunity to make purchases or to fulfill wishes that would not be possible without the financial support of the bank. In principle, therefore, loans appeal to all those who are not financially sound enough to implement the projects from their own resources.

However, if you take a look at the requirements of banks and savings banks for lending, you can get the impression that they actually want to address a completely different clientele. They only grant their loans to solvent customers who have no debts, a high income and have accumulated sufficient security. As a layperson, one may wonder how this can go together. Because no credit is actually needed if there is money and a high income. And what about applying for a loan despite Credit Bureau? Is that simply possible or do high hurdles have to be overcome?

Many roads lead to Rome

Many roads lead to Rome

Applying for a loan in spite of Credit Bureau is a very complex undertaking, even if this may not seem like it at first glance. Because the traditional banks will always reject a loan request that is accompanied by a negative Credit Bureau. You know very well that the negative entry in Credit Bureau is due to debts that have not yet been paid. Therefore, they have concerns that their money will also seep away in some channels and not be paid back on time and, above all, in full.

This shows the problem that banks have with lending particularly clearly. Applying for a loan despite Credit Bureau is usually done when you need money to make an important investment. However, the loan cannot be approved because the borrower has no money and therefore there is a high risk of default. A cycle that is incomprehensible and currently cannot be broken.

For the seeker, this means that they are looking for help with borrowing and, despite Credit Bureau, apply for a loan with the support of a second borrower. If he has a good credit rating, the loan can be taken out at any bank. However, if he does not have a good credit rating or there is no second borrower, another path must be taken. And this can be very expensive.

Stay away from dubious offers

Stay away from dubious offers

In the past few years, a second credit market has been established in Germany that addresses all those borrowers who have no chance of getting a loan on the first credit market. So all those loan seekers who own a negative Credit Bureau or a lack of employment.

In addition to loans from abroad and from private individuals, this market also offers loan brokers and so-called financial experts a platform to present themselves and to court for customers. Unfortunately, some of these intermediaries and experts are less interested in loan brokerage than in doing good business. They are targeting inexperienced borrowers in particularly great need and require these prospective customers to pay in advance or take out insurance to be able to apply for the loan despite Credit Bureau. In the end, there is no credit and the prospective customers are many USD poorer. We therefore recommend that you definitely refrain from such offers, as they only promise limited success and are also not required to apply for a loan despite Credit Bureau.

It is much better, for example, to independently apply for a foreign loan. In most cases, these come from banks in Liechtenstein and can be ordered directly from the bank via the Internet. It is therefore sufficient if you use a search engine to search for banks in Liechtenstein, go to their websites and fill in the documents for borrowing there. The prospect is loans for 3,000 and 5,000 USD that work without the Credit Bureau and only require a fixed income. The borrower must also be of legal age and have a permanent place of residence in Germany. The legitimation is carried out using the PostIdent procedure. The money from the loan is transferred to a reference account so that a trip to Liechtenstein is not necessary to take out the loan.

Applying for a personal loan for a loan despite Credit Bureau can be implemented on your own. Again, the Internet must be used for this, where you can find some portals that offer such loans. As a searcher, you simply enter your data there and the reason for borrowing. If there is a donor who would like to make the money available, contact is made via the portal and the framework conditions for the loan can be negotiated.

It is important to know that both credit options entail a slightly higher effective interest rate, since the lenders can pay the higher default risk well. However, if the loan can be used to avert impending insolvency and to get the debt under control, such a loan can make sense and start many positive things.

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