A win for cyclists in the City of London

They may frustrate some drivers, but there’s no slowing down the installation of more crossings with cement curbs protecting cyclists.

City councilor Michael van Holst’s attempt to consider alternative designs failed on Tuesday.

“What would happen if it were resorted to [city engineers] see a different design?” asked van Holst about the proposed improvements to Windermere Road at Western Road and Richmond Street.

City Engineer Kelly Scherr responded that the environmental impact assessment would need to be modified at a cost of up to $50,000.

Scherr added that the current design, being implemented at several London junctions, draws on best practices in cycling infrastructure.

None of van Holst’s colleagues on the council supported his motion to refer the drafts back to staff.

Councilor Shawn Lewis admitted to receiving many complaints about the tighter turning radius and narrower lanes along Wavell Street since protected lanes were installed.

However, he emphasized that motorists can easily cope with the changes if they drive at the speed limit: “I’m not a road engineer and I trust our staff to implement what is required for road safety.”

Councilor Maureen Cassidy added that she welcomes the new protected crossings in her Windermere Road community.

“We have a duty to move our vehicles safely and to respect all road users, especially the most vulnerable – pedestrians and cyclists,” she said.

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