Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea have no ambitions – should turn to London for help

An angry mom and pop customer asks the price of a can of Red Bull. “1.49” says the shop owner. “I have 50 cents,” says the customer, who throws the money on the counter and goes out cursed.

He’s unwilling to pay the usual price of a can of pop.

Arsenal fans might flinch because the joke works. From a business perspective, it can be said that Arsenal, alongside the other big London clubs Tottenham and Chelsea, lacks ambition, at least compared to their rivals in the north.

All three clubs London clubs planned to be part of the doomed European Super League, a presumptuous exercise to give fans what they don’t want. Either way, it seemed like an admission that they never expect to dominate English football again, so they might as well try something else.

On Friday, Manchester City raised $ 650 million from banks like Barclays and HSBC, the largest debt deal in British football.

The owners of Manchester City have plans that go well beyond England or Europe. The idea is to build franchises that dominate all over the world, including India and the US.

Arsenal, Tottenham and the rest are nowhere near anywhere – they likely lack the guts to land Jack Grealish or keep Harry Kane.

It’s worth noting that Manchester City has brought this huge chunk of change from mainstream banks, including two of the largest in the UK. The City of London is ready to invest in football.

London clubs are in danger of being left behind. You have to be brave fast.

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