British economic woes for Ukraine worsen

Robert Carter
PressTV, London

Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has paid what may be his last visit to Ukraine as Prime Minister. At a meeting with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, Boris was hailed for his tireless support of Ukraine’s war effort.

He was even awarded a medal for his services. However, amid ceremonies and handshakes, Johnson reminded his countrymen that more economic troubles were ahead.

Following the NATO-inspired conflict in Ukraine, Britain has pushed a hardline policy of arming Ukrainians and sanctioning Russia.

The outcome has been disastrous for the UK economy, exacerbating a cost of living crisis and sending fuel prices skyrocketing.

Despite the difficulties, Johnson’s comments have made it perfectly clear that even after he leaves Downing Street, costs will continue to rise and British taxpayers will have to pay the price.

Boris may be enjoying his popularity in Ukraine, a war-ravaged country. But as winter approaches, its popularity could fall even further as families struggle to heat their homes and feed their loved ones.

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