Business printing services company acquired by fulfillment company


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Brighouse-based fulfillment company The Flow Group has acquired managed printing company The Personal Print Portal (TPPP).

TPPP offers a complete online service for business printing.

It was founded in 2019 by Andrew Robinson and Paul Somerville, who first met at a kids’ party before sharing like-minded values ​​to start the company.

Together they saw a niche in the market for a managed print solution that would make it easier for companies to order business stationery online across the UK.

Their software, developed by Somerville, enables customers to order a wide variety of business stationery entirely with their logo and designs.

Flow Group General Manager Richard Standing said, “Adding TPPP to our offering is really the missing piece of the puzzle.

“The ability to offer our customers a simple solution for their printing needs not only saves them time, it also speeds up the entire print job process and is far more cost-effective.

“Existing customers previously had to order their printed matter separately, but now the process can be completely streamlined thanks to TPPP.”

Somerville added, “The technology behind TPPP will really improve what Flow offers as a company. We are pleased that the platform continues to grow stronger and offers business owners great value for money. “

Flow Group, which specializes in direct mail and fulfillment for SMBs to blue-chip PLCs, has seen significant growth since acquiring print marketing company Mr Flyer, increasing sales to £ 2.6 million in 2021.

Following the acquisition of TPPP, Flow Group’s expected sales for 2022 are around £ 3.6m.

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