Extinction Rebellion: Protesters target 13 London businesses

The City of London Police said five arrests had been made today in connection with the protest activities.

Extinction Rebellion and other climate activist groups have targeted 13 central London businesses and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) building after COP27.

The eco-group said fake oil was splattered across offices and front steps and left handprints of fake blood and oil on buildings believed to have ties to the fossil fuel industry as of Monday morning.

Cast members of Ocean Rebellion outside the Defra offices. Photo credit: Ocean Rebellion

Protests took place at BP, Hill+Knowlton Strategies, BAE Systems, Church House, Ineos, Eversheds Sutherland, Schlumberger, International Maritime Organization, Institute of Economic Affairs, JP Morgan, Arch Insurance, Ontario Teachers Pension Plan and the Department for Corporate, energy and industrial strategy.

The actions follow the conclusion of the COP27 in Egypt, which was widely criticized for the heavy presence of oil and gas company officials.

Extinction Rebellion spokeswoman Sarah Hart said: “Behind incomprehensible government decisions to double down on fossil fuel development, sign new oil exploration licenses and allow record profits for big energy companies, lies a network of companies and organizations that are profiting from this destructive one Path.

“While the rest of us worry about the cost of turning on the heating, our government is prioritizing the profits of the very companies that are putting our climate and environment at risk. But ordinary people are far ahead of politicians.

“They want to be able to heat their houses and they want a future for their children.

“So today Extinction Rebellion are sending the message that it is time to sever ties to fossil fuels or lose the social license to operate in the UK.”

Ocean Rebellion performers wearing “fish heads” and pinstripe suits lit a fire and stood in pools of blood, dead fish and guts outside the main entrance of the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) building.

While Doctors for XR taped themselves to the windows of JP Morgan’s London headquarters and taped images to the building’s front facade depicting scenes of climate collapse.

Christian Climate Action also took action outside Church House in Westminster to highlight the Church of England’s failed strategy to remain invested in fossil fuels and influence the industry as shareholders.

A spokesman for Christian Climate Action said: “The church should show moral leadership by refusing to profit from investments in companies that continue to fuel climate suffering.”

The City of London Police said five arrests had been made today in connection with the protest activities.

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