Letter: Cabinet ministers are worst in the UK


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We have seen classic, blatant and damaging skills shortages across the UK economy caused by Brexit, the pandemic and a general lack of national workforce planning (report, Sept. 27). In response, we have seen a number of knee-jerk reactions from the UK government.

Many of the skills deficits for truck drivers, slaughterhouse workers, etc. were recognized long before a potential crisis point. At the same time, the UK Prime Minister is berating other countries about the efforts they must make to achieve a net zero carbon position in the next 20 to 30 years.

What confidence can we have in the UK’s ability to meet the growing demand for a wide range of new and emerging green skills when the UK’s ability to meet relatively basic skill requirements is so poor. When you are faced with a number of complex, interrelated factors that are reshaping the economy and the labor market, you need highly competent, experienced ministers, and perhaps this is the UK’s biggest skills gap and shortage.

Michael Cross
London TW10, UK


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