Resurgence of RBC Place bodes well for London, Ontario. business

London, Ontario. –

Business is picking up again at RBC Place, which is good for the local economy, but also for workers whose incomes have dried up with the onset of the pandemic.

“I found the transition from being here to quitting more difficult. But yeah, it’s a really good feeling to come back to it, ”says Matt Mullenix.

In 2019, RBC Place’s last full year of operation, it calculated an economic impact of over $ 18 million for the City of London.

The London Chamber of Commerce Business Awards was the first major event to return to RBC Place on September 22nd, the same day the province began asking for proof of vaccination.

“It was a great test for us to have the doors open and the whole team to work,” says General Manager and CEO Lori Da Silva. “And our entire team helped screen guests who came to the doors to make sure they came in very on time.”

After the awards, two events took place at the same time at RBC Place this week, a first since the pandemic began.

“It was actually a hybrid conference, so we were very happy to have 150 delegates on site,” says Da Silva

Not only was it a test for the front-of-house staff, it was also a test of the kitchen staff who were working on a project with the London Food Bank that provided meals to the homeless every day but returned to breakfast this week, lunch and dinner during the conference.

“It’s great to be creative again,” says Chef David Van Eldik. “Bring familiar faces back into the house and our guests too.”

Convention business is usually planned well in advance and it will be a slow return to pre-pandemic numbers, but there are a few more events to come this year and rising interest in 2022.

“We get calls and every week those calls are increasing. So customers are sure to ask about availability in order to better understand the limitations, ”says Da Silva.

According to the 2019 report by RBC Place, the average convention delegate spends $ 341 per day on accommodation, transportation, food, and shopping. And a return of that kind of cash injection would greatly benefit the local economy.

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