The 10 best video games of the Victorian era

The Victorian era captured the imagination of so many developers and writers in the video game space, covering a whole plethora of genres. And players can expect more to come than Circus Electric and The excavation of Hobs Barrow will be released later this year for more titles inspired by this era in history.

There have been many games set directly in or inspired by this era to create a new and twisted story. Whether they’re classic PS1 titles, PC hits, or part of a globally successful franchise, these are just some of the best games set in the Victorian era.


nightmare creatures

nightmare creatures was originally released on the PS1 in 1997 before being ported to other platforms, and while it might not have been the top-rated game, its sales were good enough to see a sequel a few years later. Playing as one of two characters, the player must survive each level while fighting the mutant monsters that have stalked London.

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Although mainly inspired by this period in England, Kalisto Entertainment was able to transform the landscape into a gothic wasteland, making it one of the most visually unique titles of the period. And it was actually quite scary at some moments, as only candlelit streetlights show what’s ahead of the player.

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey

The first game from Salix Games took players through Victorian London as one of three playable characters with their own unique personalities. Arthurian legend characters Morgana Le Fey and Lancelot join forces with Mary Kelly to try to stop the murders committed by Jack the Ripper. There has certainly been an attempt to tell a new story on this old case, which is no easy feat considering how many movies and TV shows feature the elusive serial killer.

Although there are some demons and magical elements in the game, the developers tried to recreate the real cases as well as the London area known as Whitechapel as it was. With colorful character designs, it definitely looked pleasing, although some were disappointed.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Frogwares are no strangers to customizing Sherlock Holmes into video games as they have made several over the years. This game features six cases that Holmes and his assistant Watson must try to solve while using a trigger mechanic through multiple camera angles.

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Taking place in and outside of London, players will explore some iconic locations in England as it was then. With beautiful graphics and detailed lighting, the game acted as a brilliant time machine to provide a glimpse into England’s history.

Medievil 2

After defeating the wizard Zarok and his evil plans, Sir Daniel Fortesque is resurrected again to prevent Lord Palethorn from raising an army of the dead to take over London. While the game has yet to receive a remake to compete Medieval On the PS4 it’s still considered a great addition to the PS1 library.

Risen five hundred years after the events of the first game, Sir Daniel bore the weapons of the time and his trusty sword and shield. And with the inclusion of weapons from that era, the game also featured new mechanics in the series, and the developers used the setting effectively to bypass the new arsenal.

Alice’s madness returns

American McGee is easily one of the most famous designers in the video game industry since he didn’t work on that one demise and quake games, but also adapted Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland to create a game with strong Victorian Gothic visuals. And fans had to wait eleven years to finally see a sequel to the game as Alice must save a corrupted Wonderland.

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While most of the gameplay takes place in the diverse and twisted landscapes of Wonderland, players will occasionally see Alice exploring the real world. But the game uses the period and the setting to tell a dark story about the corruption and social status of the time and the treatment of patients in psychiatric wards.

Victoria II

Twelve years have passed since then Victoria II was released for PC, and while it’s not the greatest strategy game, fans of this particular title will finally be treated to the third installment sometime this year. Being able to control one of several countries around the world, players must try to manage them while making their economy stable and profitable.

The globe focus is an intriguing idea as players can see how the world was ruled during the Victorian era, making the title both an interactive history lesson and a fun strategy game. And the ability to choose a country opens up that particular time span away from the many London-based games that have taken place before and after.

The Great Ace Lawyer: Adventures

Originally released as a 3DS title in 2015, fans of the Ace Attorney Games were sent back in time to help solve cases and defend their clients in the courtroom as Phoenix Wright’s ancestor, Ryonuske Naruhoda. With a whole host of new animated characters to accompany the young protagonist on his adventure, fans were so enthralled that it didn’t get a sequel as well, instead both games were also bundled for consoles and PC.

The game blends Victorian London with Japan’s Maiji period, embracing the eras and history of both countries in its character designs and mannerisms. It gave a fresh coat of paint to these familiar gameplay mechanics.


Arkane Studios has been known for developing a range of unique and entertaining FPS games over the last few years, including death loop and Prey. But her dishonored Franchise remains one of their best works, with the first game seeing a vengeful assassin secretly killing his way through the fictional town of Dunwall. And while fans may be shocked to learn it’s ten years old this year, for many it still holds true today

Despite the many fictional elements that appear throughout the game, it is heavily influenced by the 19th century with its fashion, its sets and even the cruel industrialization of whaling. And its beautiful world and fun gameplay has led to the spawning of both a sequel and a standalone title, all of which have been well received.


This year has been great for fans of FromSoftware, as elden ring didn’t live up to expectations either, but was considered by many to be one of the best games of the year so far. And for those who may not have played their previous games, newfound fans might enjoy their Gothic souls-like game, bloodborne.

With beastly werewolves, cursed humans, and towering hybrid monsters to defeat, the fictional city of Yharnam is a nightmarish Victorian setting that hasn’t been seen since nightmare creatures. It might be one of their most difficult games, but it also proves to be one of the best FromSoftware games.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Everyone Assassin’s Creed The game has taken players to some of the greatest eras in human history in iconic cities. Whether it’s Athens in ancient Greece or Florence during the Italian Renaissance, Ubisoft’s developers have been able to create exciting stealth games around these iconic sites, while also functioning as an interactive history lesson.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate takes players to London during the Victorian era to support historical figures of the time such as Florence Nightingale and Charles Dickens. And fans of the series not only get to learn a thing or two from these important figures, but they can finally park through London to see the city in a whole new way that wasn’t possible for many before the publication of this entry in the popular would be series.

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