The Moray has been volunteering odd jobs for his community for 25 years

Malcolm Bradley has completed over 400 volunteer home improvement jobs since he started in 1997 – and intends to do even more when he retires.

The 66-year-old previously worked for RAF Lossiemouth before moving into the civil service, from which he recently retired.

In addition to his work for the last 25 years he has used his free time to help elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents through the Moray Handyperson Service.

His last job was clearing a gutter for client Irene Moffatt in Elgin.

Malcolm Bradley at Irene Moffatt’s house, clearing a gutter. Image: Jason Hedges/DC Thomson

“Bring a little more light”

Mr. Bradley admits that sometimes the jobs he does are very small, but he believes the difference it can make in someone’s life is significant.

He said: “There are so many memorable jobs for a variety of reasons, it’s all about serving the community.

“I was asked to go to a house the other day and she asked me to change a lightbulb in the hallway by the front door.

Malcolm Bradley is standing on a ladder next to the roof of a house at one of his handyman jobs in Elgin
Malcolm Bradley works at Irene Moffatt’s house in Elgin. Image: Jason Hedges/DC Thomson

“The fact that I was able to bring a little more light to this lady was quite memorable, it makes it all worthwhile.

“There are people who have trouble doing small jobs and when they ask professionals, they turn them down because it’s too small a job, so we’re happy to do them.”

“I heard they needed volunteers”

Mr Bradley also recently began work on the Dufftown and Keith Heritage Railway after hearing they were looking for volunteers.

“That’s one of the other things I started doing. I heard the Dufftown and Keith Railway along the Grapevine needed volunteers so I went every Tuesday.”

However, Moray Handyperson Service has been in operation for 25 years Due to a lack of funding and volunteers, she is under more pressure than ever.

Mr Bradley believes now that he is retired he can increase his handyman workload.

Malcolm Bradley stands in front of Irene Moffatt's house with a bucket in his hand
Malcolm Bradley at his home improvement job. Image: Jason Hedges/DC Thomson

As well as doing handyman jobs, he has become a driver for the Hopeman Community minibus that takes residents of Hopeman and Burghead to the Lossiemouth Medical Center.

The Moray Handyperson Service charity helps people live independently in their own homes for as long as possible. To volunteer, call them on 01343 559739.

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[The Moray volunteer doing odd jobs for his community for 25 years]


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