Tribunal clears former agent Chris Wood in case of Trading Standards “fraud”

Former SW real estate agent Chris Wood has won his legal battle with the National Trading Standards Estate Agency and Letting Team (NTSEALT) after a hearing in a tribunal calling for a ministerial review of the organization’s operation.

While in 2014 he ran his agency PDQ Estates, which he later Closed at the end of 2019, Wood got into a dispute with NTSEALT and the Advertising Standards Authority over comments he made about the Purplebricks business model within blogs on his agency website.

After a complaint with the ASA, NTSEALT took over the baton and threatened Wood first with a prohibition and then a warning order via the online comments.

It then launched its own investigations against Wood and his agency, based on allegations of misconduct by a former client.

The complaint has been processed The Property Recover Scheme who concluded that Wood had not misled the customer at all, but imposed a nominal fine for their “inconvenience.” NTSEALT took a different view and concluded that Wood, among other serious allegations, committed fraud.

FSB support

Wood, who is funded by the Federation of Small Business, opposed this, saying he has now been upheld by the tribunal’s ruling which found that NTSEALT had produced no evidence against him and that his name was therefore acquitted.

Wood says, “I am now calling for a full ministerial review of [NTSEALT] and his legal advisers on whether they are competent in their roles, serve well the public and the law abiding real estate agent, and why they have failed to prosecute hundreds of brokers and large PLCs who have been shown to violate the law as well as legal codes of the Real estate agency, ”he says.

Chris has since left the real estate agency and now runs a successful virtual reality tour creation business. Ocean 3D Ltd especially to make rooms more accessible for people with hidden illnesses or injuries.

The negotiator has approached NTSEALT for comment.

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