Which P2P lending platforms have their own apps?

EasyMoney launched its first app last month in response to demand from lenders, based on research that found that many younger investors choose their providers for the quality of their mobile apps.

They’re just the latest in peer-to-peer lending platform to prioritize mobile banking. P2P lenders are increasingly moving into the mobile app space, using new technologies like open banking to make the user experience as intuitive as possible.

Here, Peer2Peer financial news sums up all UK based P2P lenders with mobile apps in alphabetical order.


Crowd2Fund was launched on Apple’s App Store in 2016 to enable lenders to track and manage their investment portfolios on the go.

In 2018, the P2P platform for business loans relaunched the app to integrate the administrative functions of Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) for investors.

Easy money

Last month, EasyMoney launched a new app for lenders that is now available on both Apple and Android devices.

The platform said the app will offer open banking integration, account details at a glance, investments, withdrawals and a quick sign-up process for new investors who may be accessing the platform for the first time on a mobile device.

Elfin Market

In March 2021, the P2P consumer credit platform launched an app for Apple and Android smartphones.

Investors can monitor their returns and set up an IFISA, while borrowers can make withdrawals and manage credit limits.

Sponsorship group

Funding Circle has been in app stores for a long time. The platform, which announced last month that it would review its retail P2P lending business in June, launched an iPhone app in 2015 and an Android mobile app in 2018.

Both apps are intended for investors and allow them to review the performance of their portfolio and view their account summary.

Only we

JustUs went live in its Moneybrain app in February 2020.

Moneybrain is a sister company of JustUs that compares various financial products, including P2P platforms. It also has its own cryptocurrency, BiPS.


The P2P real estate lending platform launched an app in December, available for iOS and Android, so that their lenders can access its features on a phone or tablet.

This was followed by nine months of testing and improving functionality after launching a beta version of the lender app in March.

Loan amount

LendingCrowd launched an app for investors back in 2015.

Lenders can receive notifications of overbids and surcharges, as well as view their entire investment portfolio.

Miracle finances

The platform, which specializes in postgraduate student finance, has an app that investors can use to track their credit information on the go.

Lenders can review their balances, balances, payment options and status of payments, set up an automatic charge when paying from an authorized bank account, use a calculator for better budgeting, and get help from the platform’s payments team.

Reconstruction society

In July 2020, Rebuildingsociety launched an app that is available in both Android and iOS app stores. It allows both existing and new investors, upon completion of an adequacy test, to manage their portfolio, access funds, withdraw funds, buy new loans and sell loans in the secondary market.

The app also offers a graph that allows investors to see how much cash they have, how much they have invested, and how their loans are doing. as well as a repayment calendar to show lenders what income they will receive and when.


Zopa has an app for Android and Apple devices that enables users to keep track of their Zopa loan, credit card, savings account or investment.

It also includes the platform’s “borrowing ability,” a unique tool that personalizes actions to help customers improve their creditworthiness so they can borrow at a lower interest rate.

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